Under Class Parasite Solution

Under Class Parasite Solution

Face it
, we have a problem with an out of control under-class in our society. It is composed of all races, so racism plays no role in this whatsoever. Bums come in all colors, and all of them need to be zero tolerated by society and by each of us. That is point one.

Point two is that the way we deal with them is to be sure there are very unpleasant consequences for each item of their parasitical anti-social conduct. If they kill someone they should hang after a speedy trial of their peers. If they don't bathe they should not be fed, housed, or given any consideration. If they do drugs they need to be cut off from all help of any sort, thrown in jail and given a nice year or five of HARD LABOR under very harsh conditions. They should be made to earn their keep, so that their incarceration is a no expense to the public. If we have to pay to keep them locked up, they win, and we lose.

In the case of these underclass young people reproducing.
If they have children they cannot support, and properly care for, these children need to be taken from them permanently, and raised in the best private boarding schools for the rest of their childhood, and the cost of this must be paid by BOTH of the errant parents getting jobs and paying child support to help defray the cost to society of raising these children.

If they refuse to work and pay child support for this purpose they should be jailed and forced to work a hard labor under very harsh conditions. It would be their choice. Faced with this attitude on the part of society, we would see very little such irresponsible reproduction.

Teens of the underclass faced with this grim prospect of paying child support for a child they will not ever have custody of, would see to it by any means that they do not reproduce children until they have a stable responsible marriage, an education, and employment. This tough love treatment would sober them up real fast, and in the long run be good for them, their children, and society. Their misconduct in the first place is our fault for allowing it, not punishing it, and subsidizing it.

Then we could get on with the task of encouraging responsible young couples who would make the best parents to have more children, which we need, so we do no have to depend on importing slave labor from all corners of the earth to do our work.